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We Have provided Free and qualitative Education for over 0 Years

The Rochas Foundation Colleges (RFC) started with the establishment of the Rochas Foundation College Owerri in 2001. Today, the foundation has colleges in Jos, Ogboko, Ibadan, Kano, with Zaria and Adamawa. The colleges operate under the Nigerian basic school curriculum and have maintained a high record of academic excellence over the years. Apart from the 12 subjects of choice taught in the Colleges, Rochas foundation also empowers her students with non-academic skills in sports, music, communication, sewing, arts, craft among others. We also reward excellence by sending the overall best students who excel exceptionally in their studies to the United States of America annually for an exchange program. This serves as a means of encouraging hard work and diligence among the staff and the students. The foundation currently caters for the education of over 21,000 less privileged children with about 3,000 of them graduates and undergraduates from different universities across the world. Th students are being provided with free tuition, books, uniforms, feeding, Medical care and boarding facilities in some special cases, as well as monthly allowances. Rochas Foundation College students have shown remarkable distinction in academic competitions, tournaments, Examinations, sports, and character. On the 28th of February 2015, the Rochas Foundation College of Africa was born to give free, comprehensive, and qualitative education to the less privileged children across Africa. ROFOCA like its sister (RFC) schools in Nigeria, admits smart, brilliant, and talented less privileged orphans and indigent African children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school due to financial constraints .

Rochas Foundation is a non- governmental, non-profit and non-political organization. Incorporated on the 24th of February 1998, the foundation has a firm commitment to serve humanity and build a credible future for Africa. By ensuring every less privileged child has to access to comprehensive and qualitative education. Millions of African Children are unenable to school due to poverty. Instead of the promise of a better future through education with all its attendant benefits, these children engage in street trading to help them and their families survive. The importance of giving these vulnerable children access to quality education therefore, need not be overemphasized as we believe that the best gift one can give to any child is education. .

Our Values

At the Rochas Foundation Colleges, we value Religious tolerance, equal opportunity and respect for others and their views. We also value understanding of rights and responsibilities within the school, the community and beyond. we take every opportunity we have to learn from others, whatever their creed, color, culture or background. We strive to develop every child’s potentials and nurture a lifelong love for learning by creating an exciting environment. We also create opportunities that challenge and encourage independent thinking, self-esteem development and preparing every child to make a difference in the World's Fundamental Human Rights. .


At Rochas Foundation, our vision is to make education comprehensive and qualitative. Most importantly, to make it free and accessible to every under privileged and vulnerable African child, regardless of tribe, religion, or class. This vision was propelled by the difficulties the founder faced in going to school as a child due to poverty. We believe in rehabilitating children by giving them access to free shelter, food, and clothing. We provide counseling services for the abused amongst them, as we seek to rescue them from the damage that must have been done through illiteracy, ignorance, and poverty. .

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